Pre-Orders !!! Coming Soon !!! - Items tagged as "Spider-man"

Pre-Orders !!!  Coming Soon !!!



Payments & Pre-Orders :

Payment is due Immediately when you buy PRE-ORDER items., please email us with any questions .....

Pre-Sales & Pre-Orders Are items that has not been release, and has a future release date, these items are not in stock. Many items are available for pre advance orders with a tentative release date. If Pre-orders are release at a later date, we will notify you immediately, and if Pre-orders has been cancel we will return a full refund immediately.

When you place a preorder, we increase our order with the manufacturer to cover your order. A large amount of our stock tends to sell out through our preorders channels, in some rare circumstance , we may not receive our entire order and in those situations we will fill Pre-orders beginning with the earliest orders placed and continue filling the rest of the pre-orders.

When this happen, Allocations has occur from the Distributors. Allocations are not common, however, we do have this policy in place FIRST END, FIRST OUT for customers with advance orders.
We order our inventory direct from the manufactures and vendors such as Diamond Comics Distributors.

 If your order is a Pre-Order we will ship items as RELEASE and in STOCK from the Distributors.

If you need to change your shipping address, after you placed order please e-mail us immediately with your new address.

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