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Batman: Death in the family.

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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: Vegeta's Redemption Arc Is One of Anime's BestWhen he made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was a Saiyan underling in the Frieza Force, conquering planets and selling them to the highest bidder under orders from the group's titular tyrant. As an elite Saiyan Prince, there was nothing...

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Spider-Man/Black Cat/Doctor Octopus Epic Storyline.

  The Uncollected Spider-Man/Black Cat/Doctor Octopus Epic Storyline.In their feature featuring notable comics not collected into trades, CSBG spotlights an epic Spider-Man/Black Cat/Doctor Octopus storyline.This feature is called "Almost Hidden." Even with this large amount of comic books that have been collected in trade paperbacks, there are still a number of...

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Montoya : DC Comic Finest

    Became More Than Just a Gotham City Cop.Before she joined the Birds of Prey, Renee Montoya went through a radical transformation that turned her into one of DC's most compelling heroes.standards of the 80-year-old DC Universe, Renee Montoya is still relatively young compared to most Batman characters. In 28 years...

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Titans Season 3: How Deathstroke Could Return

  Might Deathstroke still be alive in Titans season 3, and how could he potentially make a comeback? Deathstroke played the role of arch antagonist throughout the second season of Titans, and extended flashback episodes revealed the true extent of his grudge against the superhero group. While working as a mercenary, Deathstroke accidentally killed Aqualad, a member...

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