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DEATHSTROKE Movie Starring Joe Manganiello Reportedly In The Works From THE RAID Director Gareth Evans

Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke may have been dropped from The Batman but there is some good news for the character today as Warner Bros. is reportedly moving forward with a solo outing for the anti-hero.

Last year, Ben Affleck shared a cryptic Tweet featuring Joe Manganiello suited up as Deathstroke and it took no time at all for us to learn that the character was set to take centre stage in The Batman. Since then, big changes have been made and Affleck has been replaced as the movie's director by Matt Reeves. He's ditched Affleck and Johns' script to work on a new one unlikely to include Slade Wilson.

Despite all of that drama, we have some good news for both Manganiello and fans of the anti-hero as it's been revealed today that The Raid helmer Gareth Evans is in talks to write and direct a Deathstroke movie which will star the Magic Mike actor. Evans passed on directing Justice League Dark but his Deathstroke pitch actually impressed DC Entertainment executives enough to get this the green light.

Both The Raid and it's sequel featured jaw-dropping fight scenes which will fit in well in a movie like this. How it will fit into the wider DC Films Universe remains to be seen, especially as the studio is now developing standalone features too. Regardless, it's good to hear the character is getting his due and that Manganiello will be given the opportunity to play the character he was cast all those months ago. 

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Joe Manganiello to Play Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Movie !!!!

According to none other than DC Comics president/CCO and DC Extended Universe overlord Geoff JohnsJoe Manganiello will indeed be playing the mercenary/assassin Deathstroke in Warner Bros.’ upcoming film slate. It’s looking like Manganiello will be antagonizing Ben Affleck‘s Batman in the writer/director/star’s solo adventure that’s looking to hit screens as early as 2018. And while fans might get a glimpse of Deathstroke, a.k.a. Slade Wilson, in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Justice League film (perhaps in a stinger scene), we’ve actually already seen the man in action thanks to a teaser released by Affleck over social media.

Though quotes are scant at the moment, the news comes from The Wall Street Journal which reports that Johns himself confirmed the casting. Johns stopped short of confirming whether or not Manganiello had a cameo in Justice League, but since the production is still underway in London, there’s every chance that he’ll make an appearance. Whether that was always the plan or whether that opportunity will come up in the eventual reshoots remains to be seen.

In case you missed it, here’s Affleck’s reveal of the live-action version of Deathstroke, now known to be Manganiello:


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Deathstroke Will Be the Main Antagonist of Batman’s Solo Film !!!!!


On the heels of Ben Affleck’s Deathstroke tease, TheWrap reports that the character will be the primary antagonist of the upcoming “Batman” solo film.

Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Deathstroke originally appeared as an antagonist in “The New Teen Titans” #2 and first encountered Batman in the “City of Assassins” storyline of his solo series. A mercenary and assassin, the character has gone on to become a villain for multiple other characters, up to and including Green Arrow. In addition to “Arrow,” Deathstroke has appeared in “Lois & Clark,” “Smallville,” the animated “Teen Titans” television series, “Young Justice,” and “Beware the Batman.”

Affleck’s tease follows “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s comments about the character, who appeared as a primary antagonist in the first two seasons of the popular CW series. In February, Guggenheim told fans, “The character of Slade Wilson [Deathstroke] is currently tied up in another DC project.” From the looks of Affleck’s video, it appears that Deathstroke might just show up in “Justice League,” at least briefly.

Directed by Zack Snyder, “Justice League” hits theaters on November 17, 2017. The Ben Affleck-directed “Batman” film hasn’t been given a release date.


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